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Full Version: CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Real Labs: Full Lab Available
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Good News,

First to announce globally!!
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab is now available : Delivery 100% materials

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CCIE Enterprise Lab Workbook Contents:

odule 1 : Questions with Solution (39 Questions)

Module 2 : Section 1 + Section 2 + Section 3

Section 1: Existing Network Review & Tuning
Layer 2 Technologies in HQ
First Hop Redundancy Protocol in HQ
OSPFv2 Between HQ & DC
DHCP IPv4 Services for HQ
IPv6 in HQ
OSPFv2 in DC
BGP Between HQ & DC and Service Providers
Bringing Up VPNv4/VPNv6 in SP1
Fixing DMVPN Network Between DC and Branches 3 & 4
Tuning EIGRP on DMVPN and DMVPN Enabled Sites
IPv4 Networks on Legacy Branches
Multicast in FADB2
Extending Connectivity to IAAS
Enabling Internet access to FADB2

Section 2: Implementing Proof of Concept SDX Branches
Correcting the IP Addresses of Managed Switches in DNA Center
Completing VN Configuration in DNA Center
Mapping SDA VNs to SD-WAN VPNs
Configuring SD-WAN VPN Route Leaking
Handling Guest Traffic
Support for Silent Hosts in Branch #2

Section 3: Making use of Programmability
Enabling CLI Access to R30
Using Guest Shell and Python on r30
Automated Configuration Backup Script
The End

[Image: CLC-CCIE-EI-Real-Lab1.0-eve-ng-section-1.png]


Hello everybody! Forgive me my english please. Can you tell me how can I quickly contact with forum administration?
Can anyone confirm if this lab is still valid or there appeared new scenarios maybe?